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Sabrina Hernandez obtained her degree in Film/Broadcast at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Focusing in Cinematography, she is proficient in numerous digital cameras such as the RED Dragon, Sony (F5), (AS7), (FS700), Canon C100, Blackmagic, HVX 200, HPX 300, Canon DSLR’s. In addition she has developed strength in editing in Avid and Final Cut Pro X. During her experiences she has worked as a Steadicam operator for a Tony Romo Documentary, she was a production assistant on TV shows such as "Americas Got Talent" and "Pequenos Gigantes." Furthermore Sabrina has shot red carpet interviews for the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Sabrina has developed a background in photography and continues to grow her talents in visual storytelling. She has a creative eye and passion for bringing stories to life with her work behind the lens.


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